sarah hall


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Faculty and Research


Sarah E. Hall

Assistant Professor

Office: 340 LSC
Lab 327 LSC
Office Phone: 315-443-2964; Lab 315-443-2972


Postdoc Brandeis University, 2006-2012
Postdoc University of Chicago, 2005-2006
PhD, University of Chicago, 2003
BS, Texas A&M University, 1999

Research interests

Cellular memory of developmental history in C. elegans

Selected Publications

S.E. Hall*, M. Beverly*, C. Russ, C. Nusbaum, P. Sengupta. (2010) A cellular memory of developmental history generates phenotypic diversity in C. elegans. Current Biology. 20(2):149-55. [PubMed]* equal authorship

S.E. Hall, S. Luo, A.E. Hall, D. Preuss (2005) Differential rates of local and global homogenization in centromere satellites from Arabidopsis relatives. Genetics 170:1913-27.

A.E. Hall, K.C. Keith, S.E. Hall, G.C. Copenhaver, D. Preuss (2004) The rapidly evolving field of plant centromeres. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 7: 108-114.

S. Luo, A.E. Hall, S.E. Hall, D. Preuss (2004) Whole genome fractionation rapidly purifies DNA from centromeric regions. Nature Methods 1: 67-71.

S.E. Hall, G.C. Kettler, D. Preuss (2003) Centromere satellites from Arabidopsis populations: maintenance of conserved and variable domains. Genome Research 13: 105-205. PMCID: PMC420371