Faculty and Research


James Hewett

Associate Professor

Office: 350 LSC; Lab 371 LSC
Phone: 315-443-9613


B.S., Michigan State University
Ph.D., Michigan State University (1991)

Research Interests

* Neuroscience and Central Nervous System Neurobiology and Pathology
* Neuromodulators and Epilepsy
* Arachidonic Acid Metabolism and Cyclooxygenase-2
* Cytokines and Interleukin-1β
* Signal Transduction and Gene Expression
* Animal models, Transgenic mice, Cell Culture, Pharmacology

Selected Publications

Uliasz, T.F., Hamby, M.E., Jackman, N.A., Hewett, J.A., and Hewett, S.J. “Generation of primary astrocyte cultures devoid of contaminating microglia.” Methods Mol. Biol. 814: 61-79, 2012.

Hewett J.A. and Hewett S.J. “Induction of nitric oxide synthase-2 expression and measurement of nitric oxide production in enriched primary cortical astrocyte cultures.” Methods Mol. Biol. 814: 251-263, 2012.

Claycomb, R.J., Hewett, S.J., and Hewett, J.A. "Anticonvulsant properties of endogenous interleukin-1β: possible contribution of cyclooxygenase-2." Neurobiol. Dis., 45:234-42, 2012.

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Hamby, M.E., Hewett, J.A., and Hewett, S.J. "Smad3-dependent signaling underlies the TGF-β1-mediated enhancement in astrocytic iNOS expression." Glia 58:1282-1291, 2010.

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Hamby, M.E., Gragnolati, A.R., Hewett, S.J., Hewett, J.A. "TGFbeta1 and TNFalpha potentiates nitric oxide production in astrocyte cultures by recruiting distinct subpopulations of cells to express NOS-2." Neurochem. Int. 52:962-71, 2008.

Hamby, M.E., Hewett, J.A., Hewett, S.J. "TGF-beta1 reduces the heterogeneity of astrocytic cyclooxygenase-2 and nitric oxide synthase-2 gene expression in a stimulus-independent manner." Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 85:115-24, 2008.

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Hewett, J.A., Hewett, S.J., Winkler, S., and Pfeiffer, S.E. "Inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in cultures enriched for mature oligodendrocytes is due to microglia." J. Neurosci. Res. 56:189-198, 1999.

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Hewett, J.A. and Roth, R.A. "Hepatic and extrahepatic pathobiology of bacterial lipopolysaccharides." Pharmacol. Rev. 45:382-411, 1993. REVIEW.

Hewett, J.A., Schultze, A.E., VanCise, S., and Roth, R.A. "Neutrophil depletion protects against liver injury from bacterial endotoxin." Lab. Invest. 66:347-361, 1992.

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