Faculty and Research


Donna Korol

Associate Professor of Biology
Office: 356 LSC
Lab: 339 LSC
Phone: 315-443-8780; Lab: 315-443-7263


B.S., University of Wisconsin

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Research interests

Neural mechanisms of learning and memory across the lifespan

Selected Publications

Korol, D.L. (2004).  Role of estrogen in balancing contributions from multiple memory systems.  Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 82, 309-323.

Zurkovsky, L., *Brown, S.L., and Korol, D.L. (2006).  Estrogen enhances place learning through estrogen receptors in the hippocampus.  Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 86, 336-343.

Zurkovsky, L., *Brown, S.L., *Boyd, S.E., *Fell, J.A., and Korol, D.L.  (2007). Estrogen modulates learning in female rats by acting directly at distinct memory systems.  Neuroscience, 144, 26-37.

Korol, D.L. and Gold, P.E. (2008).  Epinephrine converts LTP from transient to durable form in awake rats. Hippocampus, 18, 81-91.

Dohanich, G.P., Korol, D.L., and Shors, T.J. (2009).  Steroids and Cognition, In:  D. Pfaff, A. Arnold, R. Rubin, S. Fahrbach, and A. Etgen (eds), Hormones, Brain and Behavior, 2nd edition, Academic Press, New York, NY, 539-576.

Wang, V.C., Neese, S.L., Korol, D.L., and Schantz, S.L. (2009).  Chronic estradiol impairs performance on an operant delayed spatial alternation task in young, middle-aged and old rats, Hormones and Behavior, 56, 382-390.

Gold, P.E. and Korol, D.L. (2010).  Hormones and Memory.  In:  G.F. Koob, M. Le Moal, and R. F. Thompson (Eds), Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience, Volume 2, (R. Dantzer, section Ed), pp. 57-64, Oxford:  Academic Press. [Solicited chapter, Invited Author]

Neese, S.L., Korol, D.L., Katzenellenbogen, J.A., and Schantz, S.L. (2010).  Impact of estrogen receptor alpha and beta agonists on delayed alternation in middle-aged rats.  Hormones and Behavior, 58, 878-890.

Zurkovsky, L., *Serio, S.J., and Korol, D.L. (2011).  Intrastriatal estradiol treatment impairs response learning within two hours of treatment. Hormones and Behavior, 60, 470-477.

Frick, K.M. and Korol, D.L. (2011).  Introduction to the special issue of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory on memory impairment and disease.  Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 96, 505-506.

Newman, L.A., Korol, D.L., and Gold, P.E. (2011).  Lactate produced by glycogenolysis in astrocytes regulates memory processing.  PLoS ONE, 6(12), e28427.

Wnuk, A., Korol, D.L., and Erickson, K.I. (2012).  Estrogens, hormone therapy, and hippocampal volume in postmenopausal women, Maturitas, 73, 186-190.

Pisani, S.L., Neese, S.L., Doerge, D.R., Helferich, W.G., Schantz, S.L, and Korol, D.L. (2012). Acute genistein treatment mimics the effects of estradiol by enhancing place learning and impairing response learning in young adult female rats.  Hormones and Behavior, 62, 491-499.

Stevens, H., Payton, J., and Korol, D. (2002).  Bodacious Brains Workshop for Girls (feature article).  Women in Neuroscience Newsletter, January, pp. 4, 12-14.

Blattner, M., Hug, B, Watson, P, and Korol, D. (2012).  The Guppy Game:  Understanding the big ideas of natural and sexual selection, NSTA Science Teacher (Summer), 79, 32-37.

* denotes undergraduate author