Faculty and Research


Mark E. Ritchie

Office: 436 Life Sciences Complex (LSC)
Phone: 315-443-2479 / fax: 315-443-2012

Ritchie Lab at Syracuse University


• Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1987
• Postdoc, University of Minnesota, 1989-1990


• BIO 115 Environment and Society
• BIO 428 Environmental Science Capstone
• BIO 688 Readings in Biodiversity

Interdisciplinary Programs

• Faculty member, Environmental Science Program at SU


Biodiversity; plant-herbivore interactions; environmental science.


• National Science Foundation (NSF) Cross-Site Research: Effects of different-sized herbivores on nitrogen cycling in grasslands
• NSF, Long-Term Ecological Research: Biodiversity, disturbance and ecosystem functioning at the prairie-forest border
• State of Utah, Endangered Species Mitigation Fund: Research towards recovery of the Utah Prairie Dog

Selected Publications

Ritchie, M.E. 2002. Competition and coexistence in mobile animals. Pages 127-141 In: Sommer, U. and B. Worm (editors), Competition and coexistence. Springer, Berlin.

Haskell, J.H., M.E. Ritchie, and H.Olff. 2002. Fractal geometry predicts varying body size scaling relationships for mammal and bird home ranges. Nature 418: 527-530. [PDF]

Pitt, W.C. and M.E. Ritchie. 2002. Influence of prey distribution on the functional response of lizards. Oikos 96:157-163.

Olff, H., M.E. Ritchie, and H.H.T. Prins. 2002. Global determinants of diversity in large herbivores. Nature 415: 901-904.

Olff, H. and M.E. Ritchie. 2002. Fragmented nature: consequences for biodiversity. Landscape and Urban Planning 58: 83-92.