Faculty and Research


Kari A. Segraves

Associate Professor

Office: LSC 438
Phone: 315-443-4899; Lab: 315-443-5449
Lab website:


M.S., Washington State University (1998)

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (2003)

NSF Postdoctoral fellow, University of Idaho (2003-2005)

Research interests

Coevolution, Mutualism, Evolution of Plant-Insect Interactions


Bio 405 Introduction to Field Biology Lab

Bio 488 Evolutionary Medicine

Selected Publications

Althoff DM, Xiao W, Sumoski S, Segraves KA (2013) Florivore impacts on plant reproductive success and pollinator mortality in an obligate pollination mutualism. Oecologia, in press.

Godsoe W, Larson MA, Glennon KL, Segraves KA (2013) Polyploidization in Heuchera cylindrica (Saxifragaceae) did not result in a shift in climatic requirements. American Journal of Botany 100:496-508.

Conrad AO, KA Segraves (2013) Mycorrhizal colonization of Palafoxia feayi (Asteraceae) in a pyrogenic ecosystem. Mycorrhiza 23:243-249.

Althoff DM, Segraves KA, Smith CI, Leebens-Mack J, Pellmyr O (2012) Geographic isolation trumps coevolution as a driver of yucca and yucca moth diversification. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 62:898-906.

Segraves KA (2010) Branching out with coevolutionary trees. Evolution: Education and Outreach 3:62-70.