Faculty and Research


Jason R. Wiles

Assistant Professor of Biology

Office: LSC 150
Phone: 315-443-3193


B.A. Harding University
M.S.T., Portland State University
M.S., Mississippi State University
Ph.D., McGill University

Research interests

Education research in the Life and Earth sciences with special attention to teaching and learning about biological evolution, science education at all academic levels


Bio 121 General Biology I
Bio 123 General Biology II
Bio 124 General Biology II Lab
Bio 200 Introduction to Biology Research at Syracuse University
Bio 300 Evolutionary Biology, Religion, & Society
Bio 360 Biology Laboratory Assistant
Bio/Sci 544 College Science Teaching
IDE 880 Advanced Topics: Instructional Design - Biology

Interdisciplinary Programs

Assistant Professor of Science Teaching by courtesy appointment, Department of Science Teaching
Associate Director, Evolution Education Research Centre: http://www.mcgill.ca/eerc/staff/
Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)
Primary Faculty: Future Professoriate Program (FPP)
Affiliated Faculty Member, Forensic & National Security Science Institute (FNSSI)
Teacher Advisory Board, Understanding Evolution (University of California, Berkeley)

Selected Publications

Wiles, J. R. & Alters, B. (2011). Effects of an educational experience incorporating an inventory of factors influencing students’ acceptance of biological evolution. International Journal of Science Education. DOI: 10.1080/09500693.2011.565522.

Jacobs, N. L., Albertson, R. C., & Wiles, J. R. (2011). Using whole mount in situ hybridization in a comparative vertebrate biology course to demonstrate the role of genetics in anatomical development. JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments. DOI: 10.3791/2533.

BouJaoude, S., Wiles, J. R., Asghar, A., & Alters, B. (2011). Muslim Egyptian and Lebanese students’ conceptions of biological evolution. Science & Education. DOI: 10.1007/s11191-011-9345-4.

Wiles, J. R. (2011). Challenges to teaching evolution:  What’s a head? Futures 43(6) DOI:10.1016/j.futures.2011.05.02.

BouJaoude, S., Asghar, A., Wiles, J. R., Jaber, L., Sarieddine, D., & Alters, B. (2011). Biology professors’ and teachers’ positions regarding biological evolution and evolution education in a Middle Eastern society. International Journal of Science Education 33(7) . DOI: 10.1080/09500693.2010.489124.

Asghar, A., Wiles, J. R., & Alters, B. (2010). The origin and evolution of life in Pakistani High School Biology. Journal of Biological Education 44(2), 65-71.

Wiles, J. R. & Branch, G. (2008). Teachers who won’t, don’t, or can’t teach evolution properly: A burning issue. The American Biology Teacher 70(1): 6-7.

Asghar, A., Wiles, J. R. & Alters, B. (2007). Canadian preservice elementary teachers’ conceptions of biological evolution and evolution education. McGill Journal of Education 42(2): 189-209.
Asghar, A., Wiles, J. R. & Alters, B. (2007). Discovering international perspectives on biological evolution across religions and cultures. International Journal of Diversity 6(4): 81-88.
Wiles, J. R. (2006). Evolution in schools: Where’s Canada? Education Canada, 46 (4): 37-41.
Wiles, J. R. (2006). A Threat to geoscience education: Creationist anti-evolution activity in Canada. Geoscience Canada 33(3): 135-140.

Wiles, J. R. (2005). Is evolution Arkansas’s “hidden curriculum”? Reports of the National Center for Science Education 25(1-2): 32-36.