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Center for Reproductive Evolution Launches Website
August 15, 2016
The newly formed Center for Reproductive Evolution (Belote, Pitnick, Dorus, and Friedman labs) has launched their new website.
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Eleanor Maine Lab Awarded Grant to Study Meiotic Silencing
June 23, 2016
Dr. Maine and members of her lab will use the award to investigate the mechanisms and developmental importance of meiotic silencing, which is an epigenetic mechanism used by cells to regulate gene expression.
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Biology PhD Candidate Elizabeth Droge-Young Receives Doctoral Dissertation Prize
May 14, 2016
PhD candidate Elizabeth Droge-Young (Pitnick/Belote lab) is the recipient of the annual College of Arts & Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Prize for the Biology Department.
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Robert Swanda '16 Named as a 2016 Syracuse University Scholar
May 14, 2016
Robert Swanda '16 (Ritchie lab), a double major in biology (College of Arts and Sciences) and nutrition science (Falk College), was named a 2016 Syracuse University Scholar, the highest undergraduate academic honor that Syracuse University bestows.
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John G. Thomas G'69 Participates in Doctoral Hooding Ceremony 47 Years After Finishing Degree
May 12, 2016
Dr. Thomas, who earned an M.S. in microbiology and a Ph.D. in virology, went on to become an international educator and global microbiologist, specializing in medical biofilms research.
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Snigdha Chatterjee '17 Receives Two Prestigious Awards from the American Society of Plant Biology (ASPB)
April 28, 2016
Snigdha Chatterjee (Ramesh Raina lab), a biotechnology/biophysical science double major, was awarded both a travel grant and a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. She is the only undergraduate in the nation to be awarded this year's ASPB travel grant.
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Four Biology Undergraduate Researchers Selected to Present at Meredith Symposium
April 13, 2016
Four out of eight students selected to present their research at the inaugural Meredith Symposium on October 22nd work in the labs of Biology faculty: Snigdha Chatterjee (Raina lab), Anniya Gu (Maine lab), Alexandra Logan (Parks lab) and José Marrero-Rosado (Lewis lab). Logan and Marrero-Rosado also won Best Speaker awards.
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Kelsey Martinez Awarded NSF EAPSI Grant for Summer Research in Japan
April 11, 2016
Biology graduate student Kelsey Martinez (Fridley lab) has been awarded an NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes for U.S. Graduate Students (EAPSI) grant, which will support her work this summer at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.
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Biology PhD Students Elise Hinman and Luka Negoita Awarded NSF Grants
April 1, 2016
Elise Hinman and Luka Negoita—both graduate researchers in Dr. Jason Fridley's lab—will study plant growth and dispersal in a changing world.
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Dr. Ramesh Raina Awarded Wasserstrom Prize for Graduate Teaching
March 28, 2016
College of Arts & Sciences Dean Karin Ruhlandt announced Dr. Ramesh Raina as the recipient of this year's Wasserstrom Prize for Graduate Teaching, which recognizes an outstanding record of effective training of graduate students.
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Biology Post-Doc Holly Root-Gutteridge Studies Wolf Howl Patterns
March 25, 2016
An international team of researchers, including Holly Root-Gutteridge (Parks lab) have published their research in the journal, Behavioural Processes.
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Field Biology Undergraduates Travel to Florida Over 2016 Spring Break
March 22, 2016
During Spring Break 2016, Biology undergraduates enrolled in BIO 405 and BIO 400, along with their course instructors--Dr. David Althoff and Dr. Kari Segraves, participated in a 10-day trip to Florida where they gained experience with field biology research techniques.
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Dr. Jason Wiles, Post-Doc Julia Snyder, and Graduate Students Jeremy Sloane and Ryan Dunk, Publish Learning Model Article
March 16, 2016
Their findings are the subject of a newly published article in the widely-read journal PLOS Biology (Public Library of Science) titled "Peer-Led Team Learning Helps Minority Students Succeed."
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Biology Alumna Sharon Brangman '77 to Receive FOCUS Wisdom Keeper Award
February 19, 2016
SUNY Upstate's Sharon Brangman '77 is a nationally recognized geriatrician, researcher.
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Biology PhD Candidate Elizabeth Droge-Young's Research on Beetle Promiscuity is Published
February 2, 2016
Elizabeth Droge-Young (Pitnick/Belote labs) recently had her findings on the mating practices of the red flour beetle published online in the journal, Behavioral Ecology.
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José Marrero-Rosado Wins EPA Undergraduate Fellowship
November 13, 2015
José Marrero-Rosado, a Biology major in Dr. Kate Lewis' lab, has won a 2-year EPA GRO Undergraduate Fellowship which includes a 3-month Summer Internship at an EPA lab.

Biology Undergraduate Jason Zheng Receives Crown Scholar Award
November 8, 2015
Jason Zheng, a Biology major in Dr. Kate Lewis' lab, has received a Crown Award from the Renée Crown University Honors Program for funding of his Capstone Project.

A Natural Curiosity:  Biology Professor Scott Pitnick Demystifies Science for Students
October 29, 2015
Professor Scott Pitnick has an infectious enthusiasm for biology, and a long-standing love for life science, which has led to a soon-to-be-published paper with 19 undergraduate co-authors, as well as his appointment as the inaugural Weeden Professor at Syracuse University.
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Professor Paul Gold and SUNY Upstate Collaborator Receive Grant to Study Brain Anatomy
October 26, 2015
Dr. Paul Gold has been awarded a grant from the Research Foundation of the State University of New York to investigate the way brain anatomy influences mental function at a fine scale, including its impact on learning and memory. He will collaborate with Huaiyu Hu, associate professor of neuroscience and physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University.
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Dr. Jason Fridley and Co-Authors Publish Paper About How Plants Respond to Induced Climate Challenges
October 14, 2015
The paper—published in Global Change Biology and co-authored by University of Liverpool professor Raj Whitlock and Fridley's former Ph.D. student, Catherine Ravenscroft—utilizes data collected over a 15-year period.
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Center for Reproductive Evolution Researchers Utilize OrangeGrid
October 7, 2015
Biology Professors John Belote, Scott Pitnick and Steve Dorus harness OrangeGrid's computational power to analyze large volumes of DNA sequence data for their comparative genomics research which focuses on rapidly evolving reproductive traits in closely related species.
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José Marrero-Rosado Poster Wins First Place in SU Summer Symposium for Undergraduate Research
August 7, 2015
José Marrero-Rosado, a junior Biology major conducting research this summer in Dr. Kate Lewis' lab on an LSAMP fellowship, won first place in the Biological Science category for his poster exhibited in this summer symposium organized by the School of Engineering.

Biology Ph.D. Student In Su Jo Receives Ecological Society of America Award
July 30, 2015
In Su Jo, a graduate student in Dr. Doug Franks' lab, has been awarded the 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the Ecological Society of America Asian Ecology Section.

Dr. Jason Fridley Co-Authors International Biodiversity Research Paper
July 20, 2015
Dr. Jason Fridley is part of an international research team whose findings, recently published in the journal Science, point to a link between plant biomass and species richness in grassland ecosystems.
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Dr. Jannice Friedman Awarded Two-Year NSF Grant to Study Sexual Selection in Plants
June 1, 2015
Dr. Janice Friedman's research focuses on the causes and consequences of the enormous diversity in plant reproductive strategies.
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Dr. Melissa Pepling Receives 3-Year NIH Grant for Ovarian Research
May 11, 2015
One of the leading authorities on mammalian oogenesis, Dr. Melissa Pepling will use the monies to support her ovarian biology research.
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Syracuse Biology Students Travel to ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference
May 8, 2015
The Meeting of the Minds (MOM) Conference highlights original research and creative scholarship taking place at institutions across the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Among the delegates from Syracuse University, five Biology undergraduates participated in this three-day academic showcase held at North Carolina State. The five Biology students were: Alexandria Aruck '16 (Biology major); Justin Elkhechen '15 (Biochemistry major); Matthew Kanzler '15 (double major in Biology and Neuroscience); Kris Murray '15 (Biochemistry major); Kristin Weeks '15 (triple major in Biology, Sociology, and Political Science).
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Biochemistry Senior Kristopher Murray Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
April 28, 2015
Kristopher Murray '15, an undergraduate student in Dr. Heather Coleman's lab, will use the fellowship to study integrated biomedical sciences at Notre Dame.
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Twelve Outstanding Students Named University Scholars: Honorees Include Four Biology Majors
April 16, 2015
Twelve graduating seniors have been named as the 2015 Syracuse University Scholars, the highest undergraduate honor that the University bestows. Included among the group of honorees are the following four Biology majors: Elizabeth McMahon (dual major in Biology and Policy Studies); Natalie Rebeyev (dual major in Biology and Jewish Studies); Elliott Russell (dual major in Biotechnology and Bioengineering); and Kristin Weeks (triple major in Biology, Sociology, and Political Science).
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Biology Ph.D. Student Brian Gress Receives Prestigious Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIG) from the National Science Foundation (NSF)
April 7, 2015
Brian Gress, a graduate student in Dr. Scott Pitnick's and Dr. John Belote's labs, will use the grant for his research proposal entitled "Evolution of alternative mating tactics in the yellow dung fly."

Reflected in the Stars: The Patricia Meyers Druger Astronomy Learning Center Will Serve Over 600 Students Each Semester
March 30, 2015
On Saturday, March 28th, 2015 friends, family and faculty gathered together on the Syracuse University campus to help dedicate the brand new Patricia Druger Astronomy Center at the Holden Observatory.
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Biology Ph.D. Student Luka Negoita Wins Top Presenter Award from Sigma Xi
March 30, 2015
A digital presentation by Luka Negoita, a graduate student in Dr. Jason Fridley's lab, received the Top Presenter award in the Graduate Division of Sigma Xi's annual Scientific Research Society Student Research Showcase. Sigma Xi is the international honor society of scientists and engineers.
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Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program Co-Sponsors Neuroscience Research Day
March 25, 2015
Event includes a keynote address by renowned cognitive neuroscientist Sue Becker, along with a poster session featuring the research of graduate and undergraduate neuroscience students at Syracuse University.
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Lessons From the Fishbowl: Solvay High School Students Get Hooked on Zebrafish at Syracuse University
March 23, 2015
Dr. Kate Lewis has led this local outreach program for the past four years, hosting dozens of high school students from the city of Syracuse and Central New York.
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Syracuse University Dedicates Patricia Meyers Druger Astronomy Learning Center at Holden Observatory on Saturday, March 28th
March 17, 2015
The newly renovated facility is a 'love letter' from Biology Professor Emeritus Marvin Druger to his late wife, Pat Druger, a longtime administrator in the Biology department.
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Biology Senior Natalie Rebeyev Named Gates Cambridge Scholar
February 12, 2015
Natalie Rebeyev '15, an undergraduate student in Dr. John Belote's lab, has been named a Gates Cambridge Scholar, enabling her to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject at the University of Cambridge (U.K.). A dual major in Biology and Jewish Studies, she is one of only 40 students in the United States to receive this prestigious scholarship.
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Dr. Cathryn Newton Appointed Provost's Faculty Fellow
February 11, 2015
Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost Liz Liddy recently appointed Cathryn Newton, Dean Emerita and Professor of Earth Sciences and of Interdisciplinary Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, to serve as a Provost's Faculty Fellow.
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Biology Senior Kristin Weeks Discusses Her Experiences at Syracuse University and Abroad
Febuary 10, 2015
Kristin Weeks, a Biology, Sociology, and Political Science triple major, desires to give back to Syracuse University through her research.
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Generous Donations to New Fund Benefit Biology Faculty and Students
February 6, 2015
The College of Arts and Sciences' new Science Equipment Excellence Fund (SEEF) enhances liberal arts learning in the sciences by providing monies for the purchase of new scientific laboratory equipment.
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Dr. Susan Parks Quoted in Huffington Post Article About Humpback Whale Nocturnal Feeding Behavior
January 14, 2015
Dr. Susan Parks and a team of researchers attempt to answer the question as to how whales find food at the bottom of the ocean in pitch-black darkness. Findings suggest the answer may be related to whale acoustics.
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Biology Ph.D. Student Elizabeth Droge-Young Earns National Fellowship
January 6, 2015
Liz Droge-Young, a graduate student in Dr. Scott Pitnick's lab, is the Recipient of a 2014-2015 American Fellowship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
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Biology Ph.D. Student Leanna Matthews Receives International Research Grant from the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration
January 5, 2015
Leanna Matthews, a graduate student in Dr. Susan Parks' lab, will use the Young Explorers Grant to study male harbor seals.
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Dr. Susan Parks Publishes Article on Whale Acoustic Communication in the Journal Scientific Reports
December 16, 2014
Dr. Susan Parks, in collaboration with a consortium of other researchers, has been studying the unique feeding behaviors of bottom foraging humpback whales.
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Journal Article Co-Authored by Dr. Jason Fridley Featured in New York Times Science Section
October 9, 2014
New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer discusses the significance of a new study published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, co-authored by Syracuse University biologist, Dr. Jason D. Fridley.
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Beckman Scholars Making an Impact as Undergraduate Researchers
September 10, 2014
When Jennifer Lawson’s faculty lab mentor, Associate Professor Ramesh Raina, recommended she apply for the Beckman Scholars Program, Lawson ’14 wasn’t so sure.
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Dr. James Hewett Awarded National Institutes of Health Grant
September 4, 2014
James Hewett, an associate professor of Biology and neuroscientist, was recently awarded a $440,000 Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Dr. Hewett will use this three-year grant to engage undergraduate and graduate students in research to investigate possible pathways in the brain that function to suppress epilepsy.
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Biology Professor Jason Wiles Awarded NSF EAGER Grant
August 25, 2014
Dr. Jason Wiles was recently awarded an EAGER (Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research) grant from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $169,734 to work with educators from both Syracuse and Onondaga Community College (OCC) toward increasing enrollment and retention in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines among underrepresented minority groups.
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Dr. Jason Wiles Awarded National Science Foundation EAGER Grant
August 22, 2014
Dr. Jason Wiles will use the grant to expand underrepresented minority participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines.
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Dr. Kate Lewis Is Recipient of $1.6 Million NIH Research Grant
June 20, 2014
A $1.6 million R01 research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will provide funding for Dr. Kate Lewis to study how particular types of nerve cells, called interneurons, are specified in the spinal cord.
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Syracuse University Climate Change Garden May Be First of its Kind in the World
June 5, 2014
Syracuse Biology department researchers plant innovative garden to find out how trees and shrubs—some adapted to Central New York, some to warmer regions—will fare here in Syracuse if the Earth continues to warm.
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Dr. Kate Lewis Awarded Prestigious Research Grant
April 10, 2014
Dr. Kate Lewis and other members of an intercontinental team are 2014 recipients of a program grant from the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO).
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Dr. Scott Pitnick Appointed Weeden Professor
May 28, 2014
Dr. Scott Pitnick, a highly accomplished evolutionary biologist in the fields of sexual selection, reproductive genetics and speciation, has been appointed the inaugural Weeden Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences.
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