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BA Degree Requirements (45 to 47 total credit hours)

Students with 8 credits of Advanced Placement may omit introductory courses.

Printable documents:

Introductory Biology: required hours
BIO 121/123 (General Biology I & II) 8
Core Courses in Biology:
BIO 326 (Genetics) (Spring) 3
BIO 327 (Cell Biology) (Fall) 3
BIO 345 (Ecology and Evolution) (Fall) 3
BIO 305 (Integrative Biology Lab) (Spring) 3
12 hours total for core

Upper Division Courses in Biology (12 credit hours total)

1) Laboratory Course:

Choose one of the following:

BIO 400 (Animal Behavior and Evolution Lab)
BIO 405 (Introduction to Field Biology)
BIO 406 (Field Research in Savanna Ecology-OTS)
BIO 412 (Research Methods in Tropical Biology-OTS)
BIO 422 (Bioinformatics for the Life Sciences)
BIO 432 (Environmental Microbiology Lab)
BIO 425 (Cell and Developmental Biology Lab)
BIO 435 (Genetics Lab)
BIO 445 (Animal Physiological Ecology Lab)
BIO 453 (Ecology Lab, 2 credits, fulfills one lab requirement)
BIO 455 (Physiology Lab)
BIO 460 (Research in Biology, 3 credits)
BIO 465 (Molecular Biology Lab)
BIO 475 (Biochemistry Lab)
CIE 471 (Environmental Chemistry and Analysis)
CHE 477 (Preparation and Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids)
BCT 401 (Molecular Biology Techniques at SUNY-CESF)

2) Elective Courses:

These can include any 300-level or higher Biology Department courses except courses designated not for majors. Elective courses should be taken to complete the required 12 credits of upper division courses beyond the four Core courses.

Petition for elective credits outside Biology: By approval through a petition to the Biology Department, a maximum of six hours of 300-level to 600-level courses related to Biology from other departments (for example, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Math, ESF) may be included as part of the elective requirement. CHE 325/326 (Organic Chemistry II) may not be used for this purpose. Petitions can be obtained from the Undergraduate Secretary, room 114 LSC.

Credit limits for certain courses: In any combination of BIO 360 (Biology Laboratory Assistant), BIO 419 (Biology Honors Seminar), BIO 460 (Research in Biology), BIO 470 (Independent Study), and BIO/HNR 499 (Biology Honors Thesis), a maximum of four credit hours can be applied toward the BA degree credit hour requirement for any purpose.

Total Biology hours required: 32

Non-departmental BA Degree Requirements

CHE 106/107 (General Chemistry I with lab) 4
CHE 116/117 (General Chemistry II with lab) 4
And select one of the following:
CHE 275/276 (Organic Chemistry I with lab), or 5
Either MAT 285 (Calculus for the Life Sciences) or MAT 295 (Calculus I)* 3 - 4
Total non-Biology hours required: 11 - 13
* Either Math sequence satisfies the quantitative skills requirement in the liberal arts core.
Total hours required: 43 - 45