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Minor in Biology Requirements (20 credit hours)

Students with 6 credits of Advanced Placement may omit introductory courses.*

Printable document:

Introductory Biology: required hours
BIO 121/123 (General Biology I & II) 8
Select one to four of the following:
BIO 326 (Genetics) (Spring) 3
BIO 327 (Cell Biology) (Fall) 3
BIO 345 (Ecology and Evolution) (Fall) 3
BIO 305 (Integrative Biology Lab) (Spring) 3
BIO 355 (General Physiology) 3
3 - 12

Other Possible Courses

These can include any other 300-level to 600-level Biology department courses except those designated not for majors (such as BIO 321). However, many of these courses have prerequisites of BIO 326, BIO 327, BIO 345 or BIO 346, so those of the above courses you take will influence others you should select as electives. BIO 460 (Research in Biology) may be used for a maximum of two credit hours toward a Minor in Biology.

By approval through petition to the Biology Department, a maximum of six hours of 300-level to 600-level courses related to Biology from other departments (for example, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Math, SUNY ESF) may be included as part of the elective requirement. CHE 325/326 (Organic Chemistry II) may not be used for this purpose. Petitions can be obtained from the Undergraduate Secretary, Room 114 LSC.

Total Biology hours required: 20

* NOTE:  Students with 8 AP credits for Introductory Biology must take a minimum of 15 credits of graded courses for the Minor (a total of 23 credits).