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Biology is a dynamic, interesting and important field of study. Students and faculty in our department are interested in the study of life from molecular, cellular, organismal, community and global perspectives. Our undergraduate programs in biology provide excellent preparation for graduate or professional school programs and for careers in industry and governmental agencies. Students are also well prepared for medical, dental, or veterinary schools, or to enter the many specialized graduate programs in the biological sciences.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering a strong and exciting undergraduate curriculum that offers both B.S. and B.A. degrees as well as a minor in Biology. In addition to coursework, several opportunities exist for students to gain research experience by working in the labs of our faculty and by participating in our annual Undergraduate Research Conference. Interested students may also join the undergraduate student-run life sciences interest group, TriBeta @ SU/ESF.

Biology Degree Programs

The Department of Biology offers six programs of undergraduate studies:

BS Degree in Biology

The B.S. degree is intended for students interested in graduate study in biological science or the health professions (medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine). The Distinction in Biology are for those interested in conducting research in a lab.

BS Degree in Biology with Focus on Environmental Science

This degree offers students an opportunity to take courses in earth science, geography, chemistry and engineering that provide the necessary foundation to address environmental problems.

BS Degree in Biochemistry

This interdisciplinary program of study is administered by both the Biology and Chemistry departments, and includes faculty from both departments. For more information about the BS degree in Biochemistry interdisciplinary major, visit the Biochemistry website or view the program's requirements.

BS Degree in Biotechnology

This interdisciplinary program of study is administered by Dr. Ramesh Raina and Dr. Surabhi Raina of the Biology department. The program includes faculty members from the departments of BiologyChemistryPhysicsMathematics, and Economics, as well as from the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Whitman School of Management. For more information about the BS degree in Biotechnology interdisciplinary major, visit the Biotechology website, or view the Course Catalog for this program's requirements

BA Degree in Biology

Designed for students who wish to pursue science related careers outside biology and for whom some background in science may be useful, such as science journalism, business, or law.

Minor in Biology

Designed for students who wish to augment other majors such as psychology, engineering, chemistry, or illustration with a biological component.