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Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree
with Focus on Environmental Science
62 to 66 credit hours

Students with 6 credits of Advanced Placement may omit the Bio 121 General Biology course.

Printable documents:

Introductory Biology Core:

Required hours

BIO 121 General Biology I 4  
BIO 345 Ecology and Evolution (Fall) 3  
BIO 305 Integrative Biology Laboratory (Spring) 3  

*Note that as of 2012, students must achieve a C+ or better in at least two core courses prior to being allowed to declare this Biology major

Introductory Earth Science Core: select 2 of the following:
6 - 7 credits
EAR 101 Dynamic Earth 4  
EAR 102 History of Earth and Life 3  
EAR 106 Geohazards and Natural Disasters 3  
EAR 111 Climate Change-Past and Present 3  
EAR 117 Oceanography 3  
EAR 203 Earth System Science 4  
Additional Requirements in Cognate Sciences and Math (17 to 19 credit hours):  
Either MAT 285/286 or MAT 295/296 6 or 8  
Or MAT 285 or 295, plus Statistics 6 or 7  
2 semesters General Chemistry with laboratories 8  
1 semester Organic Chemistry lecture (CHE 275) 3  
Upper Division Requirements:  
Select 24 credit hours from the following. At least 15 hours must be in Biology courses.One course must be a laboratory. (Appropriate substitutions may be made by petition to the Environmental Science Advisor, Dr. Doug Frank.)  
Upper Division Laboratory choose one of the following
2 - 4 credits
BIO 405 Introduction to Field Biology 4  
BIO 417 Animal Behavior/ Evolution Laboratory 3  
BIO 432 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory 3  
BIO 453 Ecology Laboratory 2  
CIE 471 Environmental Chemistry and Analysis 3  

Others by petition


Upper Division Electives in combination with lab
must total to 24 credits
BIO 400 Sexual Selection 3  
BIO 400 Ecosystems Ecology 3  
BIO 400 Evolutionary Genetics of Complex Traits 3  
BIO 400 Genome Evolution 3  
BIO 405 Introduction to Field Biology 4  
BIO 409 Microbiology 4  
BIO 415 Conservation Biology 3  
BIO 417 Animal Behavior/ Evolution Laboratory 3  
BIO 432 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory 3  
BIO 451 Ecology Laboratory 3  
BIO 453 Ecology Laboratory 2  
BIO 454 Evolution 3  
CIE 471 Environmental Chemistry and Analysis 3  
CIE 472 Applied Environmental Microbiology 3  
CIE 554 Principles of Environmental Toxicology 3  
CIE 555 Hazardous Waste Management 3  
CIE 561(Air Resources I 3  
EAR 314 Mineralogy 4  
EAR 317 Sedimentary Processes and Systems 3  
EAR 325 Introduction to Paleobiology 3  
EAR 333 Structural Geology 3  
EAR 345 Global Change: The Geologic Record 3  
EAR 402 Introduction to Geophysical Methods 3  
EAR 495 (Marine Geology) 3  
GEO 305Population Change 3  
GEO 314 Hazardous Geographic Enviornments 3  
GEO 316 River Enviornments 3  
GEO 317 Geography of Mountain Environments 3  
GEO 318 Tropical Environments 3  
GEO 319 Cold Environments 3  
GEO 322/LAS 329 Globalization and Enviorn. in Latin America 3  
GEO 326 The Geography of Climate and Weather 3  
GEO 353 Geographies of Environmental Justic 3  
GEO 354/HST 384 American Environ. History & Geography 3  
GEO 356 Environmental Ideas and Policy 3  
GEO 383/683 Geographic Information Systems 4  
GEO 386 Quantitative Geographical Analysis 3  
GEO 355 Biogeography 3  
Required Senior Capstone Course  
BIO/EAR 428 Capstone Environmental Seminar 3  
Additional Available Courses    
Several courses in the College of Environmental Science and Forestry also will be available for students in this program, such as:  
EFB 415 Ecological Biogeochemistry 3  
EFB 505 Microbial Ecology 3  
EFB 524 Limnology 3  
EFB 525 Limnology Laboratory 2  
FCH 515 Methods of Environmental Chemical Analysis 3  
FEG 352 Introduction to Remote Sensing 3  
Checklist for the Biology BS Degree Petition  

Seniors are required to petition to receive the B.S. Degree in Biology. The completed petition will be reviewed by the Biology Department Principal Advisor (Dr. Scott Erdman) and approved if all the degree requirements are met. The petition should be completed at the start of your last semester after your registration is complete so courses you are taking will be listed on your transcript.

You will need THREE things to complete your petition:  
  1. Unofficial SU transcript (see your recorder to obtain transcript);
  2. Copies of any transcripts from OTHER schools for science transfer credit (if applicable).
  3. A completed BS in Biology with Environmental Focus Checklist. Alternatively, you can stop at the Undergraduate Office in LSC 114 to obtain a checklist to fill out. Dr. Doug Frank is the Biology Department Principal Advisor for this program. He will sign petitions and certify requirements for the B.S. degree for students in this program.
Once you have filled out the appropriate checklist, bring it with your transcripts to LSC 114 to sign a petition.